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    Here are just a few of our Greeters:


    I was born in Munich in 1955 and spent most of my live here. Very early my interest in historical events, the roots and the structure, and eminent personalities of my home town, but also in the modern city of Munich started. Since 2015 I’m glad to explain to friendly and interested guests the Munich way of life and climate, the Isar river (Munich’s lifeline), the beer and the churches, very important institutions of the town.


    For 35 years I’ve been living in our beautiful town and I’m still enthusiastic about it. It’s history and many stories characterize it, as well as the mixture of a metropolis on the one hand and a relaxed and comprehensible regional capital on the other hand. It is always exciting to show this to our guests. Seeing our town through our guests’ eyes during our walks is an always interesting opportunity.


    I was born in Munich and grew up here and I have always loved my native city. Quite some time ago – when I was little – I used to live in the city centre. Later on I tried the north and south, west and east. Nowadays I live outside of the city centre, in the east, surrounded by large green spaces, but still in the city. My hobby is the history of Munich.


    I was born in Munich and grew up in a suburb. Since it was near the city centre, I have been familiar with it since my childhood. Nowadays, I live in Neuhausen but I also know other districts of the city very well. I’m interested in the history of Munich and urban development, especially in the context of tradition.


    Although I was born and grew up here in Munich and therefore should know all the nice places, I am always gaining new impressions of the city. Since I have retired, I like to explore Munich on foot – especially on historical walks through the city. I love history and historical stories.


    It’s now more than 30 years that I’m living in Munich. According to our former mayor I am allowed to call myself a real Munich citizen after such a long time. That means I am accepted as if I was born here. I like to show you around the known and lesser known corners of Schwabing, where I am living. I am interested in the history of the city, in people and in their stories.


    I’ve been living in Munich for over 15 years now. I like meeting people from abroad and talking about everyday things. My neighbourhood is Neuhausen/Nymphenburg, which has beautiful houses and small hidden spots. Currently you will find me in in child-friendly restaurants/attractions or enjoying a good Craft Beer .

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