About us

The greeter idea comes from New York: New Yorkers receive guests from all over the world and guide them through the city for a couple of hours to show them the more hidden corners and fascinating places. We Greeter call that a “greet.” Actually the greets were a clever PR move to show people from all over the world that New York is not only hectic and dangerous, but also unique and lovable. Residents of Big Apple – New York’s nickname – present visitors from all over the world their favorite spots since 1992. They take their guests to the places where they enjoy themselves or show them their favorite restaurants. Up to now the Big Apple Greeter had about 100.000 visitors. Approximately 300 volunteers contribute to making the Big Apple Greeter-initiative so successful. Now the idea has crossed the Atlantic and arrived in Munich.

Munich from a personal point of view

Where do Munich residents go for a stroll on Sunday? In which beer garden do they philosophize with a “Maß Beer”? What is hot or not in Munich? Our volunteering greeters will lift this secret to you. And much more ….

  • We want to show that Munich is a friendly and open minded city with much more then Oktoberfest and Hofbräuhaus.
  • We introduce you to the secrets of public transport in Munich and tell you how to get from point A to point B.
  • We’ll tell you our personal highlights: Lesser-known sights, great shops and great restaurants.
  • We chat about the everyday live or other personal topics.

We won’t show you any tourist highlights, but special places and hidden corners. Get to know some personal stories that bring you closer to Munich and experience the city in a different way! And all that is free of charge.

What you should know before you go

  • Our concept is free and open to all people.
  • Greeters are volunteers and not professional tour guides. Therefore, you can expect more personal stories than historical data and dates.
  • There are no standardized tours or guidelines for a visit, instead you will have Greets with passion.
  • You can only place one request per visit in Munich. A tour will take from one to four hours.
  • Ideally, you send us your request four weeks before your visit in Munich. This increases your chance to meet an exciting Greeter at your preferred date. However, it might also happen that all our Greeters are already booked. Then we keep our fingers crossed for your next request.
  • We prefer to meet individual travellers, couples, families or small groups. However, we will not greet groups with more than six people.
  • We walk or go by bus, subway and train.
  • If you like our service, please do not “tip” a greeter. You can donate us via Paypal. Please contact us for details!

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