Become a Greeter

If you like Munich and would like to show this fascinating city to the whole world, you’re at the right place. Many tourists come and remain as strangers. We want to make them to friends:

  • As we will show our favorite places and tell from our everyday lives.
  • Without guidelines and rules, but with passion and fun.
  • We are still looking for volunteers who would like to present their neighborhood to the visitors.
  • You can take a walk through your favorite streets and tell interesting stories to the guests.
  • It is your decision how much time you want to spend. Ideal would be one visit per month but we are happy if you would like to be more active. And if you speak a foreign language it would be perfect, but this is not a must!

If you became curious, then just come to one of our monthly meetings and get to know us.


We meet each first Tuesday of the month to chat and exchange experiences. Just write us a short note.

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