Beitrag über Greeter des Goethe Instituts

Ein schöner Artikel über Greeter gibt es vom Goethe Institut:

A greeter in Munich may show you beer gardens one day, the beautiful Art Nouveau neighborhood of Gern the next, and a flea market the day after,” says Florian Reiter from the Munich Greeters. “That is the fascinating element of the concept. A greeter tour never has a fixed route. It’s about the people, like the couch surfing idea. A person arrives in a city, receives a friendly welcome, can ask questions about getting from one place to another, about what ticket to buy, where to eat, etc. And by asking, they get a feel for the place.” The tour is a combination of the greeter’s repertoire and the guest’s wishes. Depending on the greeter association, guests can indicate topics or preferences like food, architecture, a neighborhood or a language when they sign up.

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