Munich Greeter

28 April 2015
by Insa

A quaint alternative to the Oktoberfest: The Auer Dult

At the end of September the Oktoberfest starts. World-famous not only for the beer, but also for the masses of people and a lot of pushing. If you´re looking for something smaller, more “gemütlich” and more original, you find it … Continue reading

31 January 2015
by Andy
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Strong beer season – time to train your voice

The Starkbierzeit (strong beer season) is coming fast. If you look close, you can see Munich preparing itself for this season. And you should prepare yourself too…

30 November 2014
by Yvonne

Micro-Breweries in Munich: The Forschungsbrauerei

Perlach, a quarter in the East of Munich,  is worth a visit because of its “Forschungsbrauerei”. The founder Gottfried Jakob opened the small brewery in 1930 to develop new brewing methods and sorts of beer – strictly obeying the German … Continue reading

8 August 2014
by Andy

myth white sausage

Nothing, well… nearly nothing is more traditional (from a culinary sight) as the Munich Weißwurst (white sausage) (spoken: wise-wuasht) . Many tourists try it, but they eat it the wrong way (which is quite funny for a citizen to see). … Continue reading

29 December 2013
by Andy

Bavarian food culture in the USA – Yes they can!

In spring 2013 we wrote about the “Hofbräuhaus New York” and noticed that what is served there as bavarian food is far away from real bavarian food. But now a guest told us that there is another “bavarian” location in … Continue reading