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Travel guides about Munich: Polyglott on tour München

20160130_165009If I knew nothing about Munich and had decided spontaneously to go on a trip there, the only thing I needed would be the travel guide “Polyglott on tour München”. The handy booklet for about € 13 provides all the necessary information.

Core of the book are 12 tours in and around Munich, which lead through the old town, a couple of inner city neighborhoods like Lehel and Schwabing, palaces and castles in the town (Nymphenburg palace, Blutenburg castle, Schleißheim palace) and the Olympic Park. In addition you find some nice trips to the countryside. When you have done all the tours, you know Munich pretty well. All tours start and end at a public transport stop and are designed as pedestrian tours. Descriptions are supplemented with tips for coffee shops, shopping adresses and other attractions. You can also mark your own highlights and tours on the inside folding map which comes with 80 stickers.

Of special interest is the list of “50 things” – it tells you about what you should try, take home as a souvenir or not do at all. My personal favorite for “take home” is to a chestnut, which reminds you on cold winter days of a sunny autumn afternoon spent in your favorite beer garden.

More helpful tips can be found in the category “First class” – there, you find a variety of suggestions, for example the most beautiful places for a swim or things you can do for free.

All the necessary travel informations is summarized in the section “Travel Planning & Addresses” – climate & travel time, arrival, urban transport, accommodation and even a “Do not forget before departure”-checklist: tick all items off and head off to your trip to Munich!

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