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20150905_185821Munich is famous for its “Schweinsbraten” (roast pork) and the famous “Weisswurst” (white sausages). But all over the city, vegetarian and even vegan restaurants and cafes come up: Vegan coffee, vegan food, vegan ice cream. And even vegan shopping is no problem.

Vegan food: Gratitude
All who love exceptional spices and surprising flavour combinations will enjoy the vegan restaurant Gratitude, feel comfortable and will be eager to taste everything on the menue. But beware: The Gratitude does not come cheap.

Türkenstraße 55
U3 / U6 stop Universität, Tram 27: Schellingstraße

Vegan breakfast: Max Pett
Soy white sausages and scrambled eggs made of tofu are on the breakfast menue at Max Pett’s. We recommend the delicious vegan pancakes 🙂 Furthermore, there is an incredible range of teas and sodas. Caution: Reserve! Max Pett is always crowded.

Max Pett
Pettenkoferstr. 8th
U1 / U2 / U3 / U6 / U8 stop Sendlinger Tor
Tram 17/27/28 Sendlinger Tor

Vegan ce cream: IceDate and Cafe Eismeer
Dark Chocolate with cashew milk and that extra bit of cocoa, lemon and elderberry sorbet, lemon-nettle or cannabis ice with freshly squeezed organic hemp juice (but without the drug active ingredient THC) – fantastic ice that is sweetened with dates.

Amalienstrasse 91
U3 / U6 stop Universität

Even the Cafe Eismeer (Translation: Arctic Ocean Cafe) is not bad. But apple strudle ice cream is just not so crazy. But to give 128 varieties of ice cream they make – maybe you just have to try them all to find the crazy favourites.

Cafe Eismeer
Pestalozzistr. 21
Bus 62 stop Stephansplatz

Vegan shopping
Food, wine and cosmetics are not vegan, as a rule. But making them yourself? That may be possible with these products. But as it comes to textiles and shoes better stop the Self Service. Luckily there is the vegan store Radix. A swap shelf in the store (“give-and-take”) attracts the hunters and collectors amongst us and please us by finsding so many unexpected things. The philosophy behind it is through and through vegan: wasting resources as little as possible and thus protect the environment (hey, a very German thought ;). In the shop Veganz you will find everything you can put in your mouth and chew – including raw chocolate. And shopping clothes like a young god is possibler in DearGoods in the Glockenbachviertel district.

Veganz Munich
Balde Straße 21
Bus 58, stop Baldeplatz

Radix Supermarket
Thalkirchnerstraße 88
Bus 58, stop Kapuzinerstraße

DearGoods Munich
Am Glockenbach 12
Bus 58, stop Baldeplatz

Go on Vegan Holidays
Toelzer VegIf you want to try, how to live veganly, you may experience a great vacation week in Bad Toelz. Bad Toelz is located at the edge of the Alps (excellent hiking opportunities!). The town is only 56 km or an hour’s drive from Munich. The train commutes regularly in just 50 minutes from Bad Toelz to Munich.

The Toelzian Vay
All who want to try the vegan life, can meet people with similar interests for cooking, relaxation and sporting in Bad Toelz. From October 4th to November 1st, there are various events on the subject, including an introduction to vegan foods or a smoothie workshop. A herb walk or a vegan brunch are also on the program. The beauty of such a week’s holiday: you can get a taste and try. Anyone who wants can measure his blood values ​​before and after and thus study ​​objectively, whether vegan food improves blood values.

All information on the Toelzian Vay

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