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Let’s go to Octoberfest – with a Dirndl

20150225_182842Many guests think Octoberfest is Carnival the Bavarian way. Everyone runs out dressed up and goes to his neck. But far from it. In Bavaria, beer is an element of comfort and tradition and Dirndl costumes are just traditional dresses, fortunately very popular again for some years now. Learn interesting facts about the Dirndl!

When to wear a Dirndl: at family celebrations, at the first holy communion, at a Bavarian wedding and of course at Oktoberfest

Probably the most expensive Dirndl of the world: a Dirndl studded with 150 000 glimmering Swarovski stones

The dirndl as an experiment of colors: World Cup dirndl in black, red and gold (2006)

How to get/find a Dirndl?
The traditional Munich fashion shops Lodenfrey and Angermaier offer a wide range of high quality Dirndls. Fierce competition comes from Gössl, from Salzburg. But industrially tailored clothes from the rack rarely fit well properly. Thus you can try sewing one by oneself!

20150224_163704I recently participated in a Dirndl sewing class with Blanca Popp. She is the goddess of the Dirndl-sewing for me. She chose excellent materials for the dress – blue for the dress and pink for the pinny. And Blanca managed to cheat away 3 kg – just by laying the skirt folds of the Dirndl a little wider. Blanca Pop offers for Dirndl-sewing courses at the Hotel Bachmair Weissach four years now. Previously she worked at Escada. Meanwhile, she has developed her own collection for Lodenfrey. She not just knows how to sew, she also is an expert on cuttings!

To take my fear of Dirndl sewing, we started to sew a model of cheap linen fabric. So we were able to test the cutting and see where the Dirndl had to be more tight – or let us rather say body-accentuating. 😉 If one thig is important with Dinrdls, Blanca said – it is this: A Dirndl must fit tight! The model was finished in about two hours. And we got a first idea of ​​how sophisticated our own self-stitched dress would be. Overall, we have sewn three days long. Just for lunch we could tear ourselves away from the sewing machine – and then only because the hotel kitchen served unbelievably menus. Especially the fish was recommended. But the best moment of the sewing class was, when we finally could slip into our new garment and were able to admire each other. The course has been so much fun. Thank you Blanca! I would not hesitate to sew one more Dirndl. Maybe in green next time 😉

20150227_0808394 days Dirndlnähkurs at Hotel Bachmair at lake Tegernsee sewing, laughing, relaxing. And in the end you will bring the perfect Dirndl home. Even though my sewing experience was low.
4 days Dirndlnähkurs at Hotel Bachmair at lake Tegernsee

Sewing classes with Blanca Popp in her studio
Blanca Popp’s Sewing School

Dirndl Sewing Classes in Munich (8 or 9 evenings for 3 hours)
The VHS Munich provides Dirndl sewing classes at reasonable prices. The groups are greater than at Hotel Bachmair Weissach. Therefore, some sewing skills are required.
VHS München

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