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Sporty Sightseeing in Munich (part 2)

IMGP4294The Olympic park is indeed the main area where you find the sprty heart of Munich, but there are more sights.

Especially when you’re used to German Soccer and maybe know the teams, you’ll have an idea what the “Sechzgerstadion” is.
The second known soccer team besides of FC Bayern München is “TSV 1860 München”, also called “Die Löwen” (The Lions). Before they played in the Olympic Stadium and the Allianz Arena, they had their own, quite small stadium in the “Giesing” district. The stadium is officially called “Stadion an der Grünwalder Straße” (stadium at Grünwald Street). The locals just call it “Sechzgerstadion”. “Sechzger” is the Bavarian abbreviation for the soccer team. It comes from the term “sechzig”, the German word for sixty (of 1860).

Nowadays this stadium is used for amateur soccer games. Until the Olympic Games 1972 it was the biggest stadium in Munich. It was built in 1911, so a quite old soccer field with a long tradition. You can find it next to the subway station “Wettersteinplatz” (Subway U1 direction “Mangfallplatz”). Unfortunately there are no tours, but you can visit an amateur soccer game.

Training Grounds of FC Bayern
Not far away – at “Säbener Strasse” – you’ll find the FC Bayern Training Grounds and Headquarters. There you can often watch the public training of the FC Bayern stars. You can check the training times here:

Did you know that Munich also has an American Football team?
The “Munich Cowboys” don’t play at an international niveau, but they aren’t too bad :-).
This football club goes back to the American GI’s, stationed in Munich after WWII. They met and played American Football. In 1975, also citizens who were interested in this sport, joined them and finally in 1979, the club was founded. At the same time, the official German American Football League (GFL) was founded.

Home of the Munich Cowboys is the “Städtisches Stadion an der Dantestraße” (stadium at Dante street) better known as “Dantestadion”. Sometimes the citizens, especially from the surrounding districts just say “the Dante”. This stadium is also quite old. It was built in 1928/1929 as a stadium dedicated to the youth. Until today you can read the quote “Der Münchner Jugend” ([Dedicated] to Munich’s youth) on the main building.

The stadium is quite fascinating because of its 1920s architecture. When there is no sports event, the “Dante” is open to everybody.

It is possible to watch a game of the Munich Cowboys there. Tickets are available through their website:
You can find it next to the subway station “Westfriedhof” (U1, direction “Olympia-Einkaufszentrum”)

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