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Sporty sightseeing in Munich (part 1)

As a tourist, you maybe have read a lot about culture, tradition and the history of Munich. But maybe you’re quite sporty or at least a sports fan and asking yourself if there are things to see and do which are sport related. And yes, Munich has a big sports culture. Follow the Greeters to a sporty sightseeing trip…

Germans love soccer. Small childs to old men love a good game and luckily, Munich has one of the best teams in Europe. The FC Bayern München soccer club. And since 2005, Munich has also a really big and famous soccer stadium, the “Allianz Arena”.
But what makes Allianz Arena so special? It’s located a bit outside of the city, but has a good connection via subway and motorway. The Arena has 75.000 seats and a quite fascinating design. But the most impressive thing is the luminous exterior. The whole arena can be illuminated in white, red or blue. From 2016 on, it will be possible to illuminate it in every colour you can think of. This gimmick made and makes the Arena unique until today. Of course, other stadiums adopted this technique (i.e. the MetLife Stadium in New York).Allianzarenacombo
But what do the colours mean? The red colour stands for FC Bayern München soccer club, blue for the (by tourists) not so well known Munich soccer club “TSV 1860 München” and white for the German National Soccer Team. The Allianz Arena also was the stadium for the opening match and the semifinals of the World Soccer Championship in 2006. And also for the 2012 UEFA Champions League Final. It will again host a game of the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship.

You can do a tour through the Allianz Arena. The stadium is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm except on matchdays and events. It is possible to check an online calendar for matchdays and events and of course buy tickets online through the official Allianz Arena website:
By the way, usually the Arena is illuminated every evening (when there are no events, matches or maintenance works) until ca. 10pm. The light should change every 30min from white to red to blue.

But there are more sport sights to discover…

The Olympic Park
This was the home of the 1972 Olympic Games. Unfortunately these games went into history as the “tragic games”, because of an terrorist attack. The palestinian terror group “Black September” took eleven members of the Israeli Olympic Team as hostages. This hostage taking did not end well and all hostages died. There are two memorials you can visit inside of the Olympic Park.
But what about sport?

Olympic Park

Olympic Park

Of course there are fascinating things to see. The main sights are the Olympic Stadium and the Olympic Tower.
The stadium (which was not only place for the 1972 Olympics, but also the World Soccer Championship 1974 and the European Soccer Championship in 1988) is open to public and you can get a feel of the Olympic Games spirit.
Opening times and admission fees can be found here:

The Olympic Tower (or as the citizens call it “Fernsehturm” – broadcasting tower)
the highest point in Munich. Built from 1965 – 1968 with an overall height of 291 meters. You can go to the observation platform at a height of 190 meters. From there you have a beautiful view over the city. And when the weather is fine, you’ll also have a panoramic view of the Alps.
Opening times and admission fees can be found here:

Olympiaturm/Olympic Tower

Olympiaturm/Olympic Tower

But there are more sights. These we will show you in part two, so stay tuned.

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