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Brezen & Bier

The Top 5 things to eat in Munich

Munich and Bavaria are known not only for the alps, the history or the Oktoberfest, but also for the food. So when in Munich you have to try at least 5 of them. Otherwise you can’t say you’ve been to Munich 😉

Brezn (Pretzel)

Brezen & Bier

Brezen & Bier

The pretzel is very famous in Bavaria. In Munich you’ll find a pretzel nearly everywhere. The citizens are split over to who produces the best pretzels. Some say Rischart (a bakery chain, which also has small shops in subway stations and large cafés at Marienplatz and Viktualienmarket). Others say the pretzels made by Müller-Höflinger bakery are the best. And again others say traditional Munich bakeries like “Zöttl” or “Wimmer” produce the best. Try a pretzel at least once, while in Munich. It’s ideal as a snack to go and you can share it with the ones you’re travelling with. During summer and especially during Oktoberfest you’ll also find “Biergartenbrezen” (beer garden-pretzels) or also called “Riesenbrezen” (giant-pretzels). Those are indeed giant pretzels, ideal companion for a Maß (liter of beer) in a beer garden.

Weißwurst (white sausage)
The most famous thing you can eat in Munich. The white sausage was invented in Munich and we already wrote an article about it. So try to eat it in a restaurant, but keep in mind: always eat it before noon. 😉

Leberkässemmel (meat loaf in a bun)
For Munich citizens the Leberkässemmel is, what for New Yorkers the hotdog is. Nearly everyone likes it and haves it. Normally you will be asked if you like mustard on your Leberkäs. You can choose between sweet Bavarian mustard (traditional) or hot mustard (barely allowed :-)). Sometimes you can also order it with ketchup, but this tastes weird and traditionalists will say… “Look, a tourist!”.
You can buy Leberkässemmeln (plural) in butcher’s shops many bakeries or supermarkets with an inside butcher’s shop.

Kässpatzen (cheese spätzle)
This is great especially for vegetarians. This is a typical Bavarian food of the Allgäu region. You can say it’s the Bavarian equivalent of “Macaroni and cheese”. Literally translated, “Spätzle” means “little sparrows”. Spätzle are made from a dough of flour, eggs and a bit of salt and water. So Spätzle are a bit different to macaroni or other pasta. Usually they’re mixed with mountain cheese and roasted onions are added. A great meal you can have in nearly every traditional restaurant.

Prinzregententorte/Prince Regent's Cake

Prinzregententorte/Prince Regent’s Cake

Prinzregententorte (prince regent’s cake)
This is a real Munich cake. We already wrote an article about this special cake. Try this chocolate explosion cake when you’re in Munich. It’s usually available in many coffeehouses (but usually not in coffee shops).

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