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Where does the Christmas tree on Marienplatz come from?

20141209_181325This year it was already delivered in the middle of November, and stood still and green and tall on Marienplatz, in front of the town hall. It is a fir tree, which is set up each year and is a center of the Christmas market there. But where does it come from?

Not from the urban nursery garden, but since 1978 from a Bavarian community. For nearly 40 years the Bavarian capital gets a free Christmas tree. The waiting list of the donating communities is long and covers meanwhile the year 2025. This year, the giant fir tree comes from the community Kochel am See. The tree is nearly 87 feet high, weighs about six and a half tons and is decorated with 3000 lights.
For the green gift the donor community is allowed to present itself as tourist destination in the inner court yard of the town hall during the pre-Chrismas period.

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