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Munich specialities – fine spirits

If you come to Munich, you surely want to feel the tradition and of course taste the culinary delights of Bavaria. You know that Munich and Bavaria is famous for its beer and hearty food. But there is also a liquor-culture. Maybe you are looking for souvenirs and don’t want to bring home kitschy beersteins or other tourist souvenirs. Then maybe Munich liquor specialities are the thing to look for. But where to find these specialities? We’ll tell you…

Let’s start with our tour, but before we start, one or two words about liquor in Munich, Bavaria and Germany.
In German language, we use the words “Brand”, “Geist or “Schnaps” for liquor. These words can also be used as suffixes (like: Kirschgeist). Translated, the word “Brand” means “destillate” (the German word also lives on in the english word “brandy”), “Geist” means “spirit” and “Schnaps” is the same in english ;-).
You’re allowed to buy liquor in Germany at the age of 18. The seller is allowed to ask you for an evidence of age (ID card, passport, etc.). And never forget: Enjoy responsibly

And now let’s start with our Munich liquor specialities…

The Duke Gin
You think Gin is a very British liquor. You’re right. But Munich has also its own Gin called “The Duke”. It’s named after the founder of Munich, Herzog Heinrich der Löwe (Duke Henry the Lion). Two young Gin lovers decided to produce their own Gin and started destilling in a Munich backyard garage. But not normal Gin. They add botanicals and also typical Bavarian botanicals like hop and malt. The botanicals are all produced organic.
Usually “The Duke” is sold in supermarkets with a larger assortment of liquor.

Lions Vodka
The producers of The Duke Gin also produce a vodka. The Lions Vodka is handcrafted and made of wheat, rye, barley and spelt.
Usually The Duke is sold in supermarkets with a larger assortment of liquor.

Three young brothers had a great idea. Munich is famous for its strongbeer (called “Bock” or “Doppelbock”). But only a few know, that you can distill beer. And you get beer spirit (beer brandy). If you add sugar you’ll have a fine beer-liqueur. By the way, “Heiland” means “Saviour” ;-).
You’ll get this beer-liqueur in some shops located in the city center.
and here are the shops:

Spirit of Bavaria
This is a vodka, distilled with regional products. This means only Bavarian wheat and Munich water is used to produce this spirit. The “Spirit of Bavaria” vodka can be ordered online and tasted in different restaurants in Munich.
All these information you’ll find on the website:

Monaco Vodka
This vodka, produced by the “Munich Distillers”, who also run a bar in the district Schwabing also contains hop, which makes the taste a bit different to common vodka.
You can order the Monaco Vodka online ( or try it at the “Distillers Bar” (

Rivers Rum
the second product of the Munich Distillers. The first German rum. Of course the (organic) sugar cane is imported, but the rum is distilled like fruit liquor which gives it a nice mild taste.
Rivers Rum by Munich Distillers is available online ( and in the “Distillers Bar”.

Feel! Gin
A young distiller produces his own Gin in the district Großhadern. A Gin with 17 different (organic) botanicals, selected by the distiller himself. This Gin is also distilled without sugar.
The Gin can be bought in specialised liquor stores and online (

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