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Micro-Breweries in Munich: The Forschungsbrauerei

FoschungsbrauereiPerlach, a quarter in the East of Munich,  is worth a visit because of its “Forschungsbrauerei”. The founder Gottfried Jakob opened the small brewery in 1930 to develop new brewing methods and sorts of beer – strictly obeying the German Reinheitsgebot.

He was really successful – he managed to brew pretty strong beer. So be careful! This tasty beer has more alcohol than usual German Beer.

Actually, the brewing master (he had a diploma in brewing) always loved to experimentate. So all in all he managed to get more than two dozens of patents. with a special method of processing mash, he developped two wonderful sorts of beer: an amber shining stron beer called  St.Jakobus Blonder Bock with 7,5 % Alcohol and a golden shimmering “Export” named Pilsissimus with 5,2 % Alcohol and a wonderful foam crown.

Both beers are still available today. You can get the beer at the Forschungsbrauerei in Perlach or at the Marktschänke at Viktualienmarket, Frauenstr. 10. To get to the Forschungsbrauerei, you can use public transport: S7 to Perlach or bus 55 and 139 to Pfanzeltplatz.

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