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Kugler Alm - Entrance/Eingang

Day trip idea: Kugler Alm

From spring to autumn you definately want to enjoy one of Munich’s beergardens. And there are plenty of them in the city. But there are also some gems outside of the city where only a few tourists come. So why not explore these? We have found one which you can combine with a nice daytrip…

First, let us start to explain what “Kugler Alm” is. The Kugler Alm is a quite huge beergarden and restaurant where lot of citizens of the nearby suburbs go. The legend says, here in one hot summer in the 19th century, the well known “Radler”, a mixture between lemonade and beer was created. The beergarden itself is located near the southern end of Perlach Forest.

Kugler Alm - Entrance/Eingang

Kugler Alm – Entrance/Eingang

So where to start your trip? there are two possibilites. Either you can go by bike or by train. If you want to go by bike (or foot), start your trip at the subway station “Mangfallplatz” (U1, green line) and go south through the elegant residential area, following the “Oberbiberger Straße”. After a while you’ll find the entrance to the Perlach forest. There, follow the asphalt road (no public road) down south through the forest. After about 5 km you’ll cross a train track through a tunnel. Head left and follow the asphalt road again. Soon you’ll see some houses and after another 1 km you’re finally there.
Here you’ll find the directions on a map. (It takes about 1.5 hrs by foot and 40 min by bike).
Kugler Alm - Restaurant

Kugler Alm – Restaurant

Sit down, have a beer and a snack and enjoy the forest beergarden feeling.

Of course you can also go by commuter train (S-Bahn) there. Take the S3 (violet line) direction “Holzkirchen” or “Deisenhofen” and get off the train at “Furth” station. From there you can walk to the Kugler Alm within 20 minutes. Here are the directions in a map.

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