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Legendary Places: The Playing Dogs

In the oldest part of the town, in the Hackenstraße, there are two houses whose house signs show six dogs playing with a golden ball.
These two houses are both named “Hundskugel”-house, but they are not to be confused with one another. The house at Hackenstraße No. 10 is an old town house from the 18th century. Here lived, among others, the sculptors Johann Baptist Straub and Roman Anton Boos. Th other “Hundskugel”-house is a restaurant, which is located three doors down and was run from 1440 to 2011.
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About the playing dogs the following legend is told: Once upon a time, Munich citizens got to see a very strange spectacle – half a dozen dogs rolling a golden ball through the city gate “Neuhauser Tor” into the city and laid down this shiny, round thing exactly at the house in Hackenstraße No. 10.

However, the origin of the name has a different background. In the 15th century, the premises in Hackenstraße No. 10 housed a so-called “Hundsfudbad”. That bath was run by a barber. But in that time, barbers did small surgeries, too. Therefore, on the wall of the house was a painting of a couple of dogs plaxing with a ball. And beneath the painting a slogan was emblazoned:
“Until these ninepins are overthrown by dogs,
We can heal quite some folks.
Scoundrel´s public bath.”
In the Middle ages, the term “scoundrel” was not necessarily meant to be insulting, but simply labeled poor people in general. So the painting actually was an advertising sign which should prompt poorer people to call on this barber frequently.

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  1. als langjähriger stammgast am sogenannten sakristeitisch kann ich nur weinen,wenn ich heute hier vorbeigehe.
    was von der kultur- und stadtliebe der münchner institution rudolf mooshammer übriggeblieben ist ,diese schmach schreit hoch in den bayrischen himmel.
    gelebtes münchen gibt es halt nicht mehr,seit seine bewahrer wie sigi sommer und seine vielen mitstreiter
    nicht mehr das ” maul aufreissen können”.
    quo vadis münchen ?