Munich Greeter

The “muffin man” of Munich-Neuhausen

Maybe some of you remember our facebook blog post about a sign in front of a small Munich coffeehouse reading “The best cheesecake in town – The next one 6.493 km, Brooklyn, NY”. We got a lot of responses to that, so we decided to give you more information about this small coffeehouse….
The coffeehouse is called “Muffins n more” and it is located in the district “Neuhausen” in a small side street called “Volkartstraße”. It can be reached by foot from the subway station “Rotkreuzplatz” (subway line U1) in 5 minutes or in 2 minutes from the tramway station “Volkartstraße” (Tramway line 12).
The shop is quite small and offers about 20 seats inside and a few more outside. The store is fascinating, as the owners, Jay Jay and Marina. Their humour is special and so you’ll find some strange things and bric-a-brac in the shop. But the main attraction are the muffins and cheesecakes offered there.
Now you’ll think about something like “New York cheesecake” and american muffins. But actually, this shop produces canadian muffins and cakes :-). Marina is from Toronto and creates them with her own hands. You can have many different types of cakes and muffins like blueberry, banana, ginger, lime and coconut cheesecke or pecan pie, Torontos best plain pie or cranberry muffins. There are also bagels, and a few main dishes like chili con carne available. You can also find “Pferdeknacker” (horse sausage) in the menu ;-).
As mentioned, the owners have a special humour so no wonder about the opening times.

So if you plan to visit castle Nymphenburg, which is a really touristy spot and you want to dive into a Munich-Canadian original, go here (best by tramway 12 from station “Romanplatz”) or by foot, following the Nymphenburg canal and Nymphenburger Straße.

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