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Munich weather from a local view (part 4: autumn)

our article “Munich weather from a local view” continues with the remaining season autumn …

Also autumn is different in Munich. Usually you would think of autumn in late September and October. But actually, autumn in Munich begins August 15th.
Seriously! While southern parts of Europe has midsummer and everyone is enjoying the sun and hot air, in Munich you’ll have a feeling that autumn is near.
Sometimes if you get up in the morning and open your window on the days around August 15th, you can breathe quite cold, fresh air like in October. This doesn’t mean that the warm weather is gone. There can be of course warm days, but at night the temperatures will be colder. So make sure you always have a jacket with you, even it’s a warm, sunny day. When the night comes, it won’t feel like summer.
In September & October you may encounter storm like wind. About every 10 years these au-tumn storms can get severe and damage houses or cut trees. During Oktoberfest (the last weeks in September and first days of October) the weather often is very fine with clear sunny days, while in the first weeks of October there is often a lot of rain. This is, by the way the reason why Oktoberfest was shifted to late September ;-).
Many Munich visitors come for Oktoberfest or “Wiesn” as we call it. And of course they want to know about the weather conditions during the two weeks of tradition, beer and fun.
The Munich Greeters made exclusively for you a statistic about the Oktoberfest weather con-ditions between 2001 and 2013:

Weather/Wetter Statistics - Oktoberfest 2001-2013

Weather/Wetter Statistics – Oktoberfest 2001-2013

The first table shows the maximum temperatures on the certain day. The second table shows the maximum sunshine hours on that certain day. As Oktoberfest always begins on a Saturday and ends usually on a Sunday, you’ll see fields in grey colour. These grey fields indicate the yearly shift of the Oktoberfest to match two weeks.
What can we see in the first table?:
– The warmest Day is Sep. 21st with an average temperature (maximum) of 19°C
– The Days around Sep. 21st are the warmest days
– From Sep. 25th on, the average temperature drops to 16°-17°C until October 1st.
– The coldest day is Sep. 26th and October 7th with around 16°C on average
– After the “cold period around Sep. 27th, the temperatures rise again around October 3rd
– The sunniest days are from Sep. 21st to Sep. 24th and surprisingly October 3rd.
– October 3rd (which is also a national holiday – Day Of German Unity) is often warm and sunny, while October 2nd and 4th are cold and rainy.
– Between 2001 and 2013, the coldest Oktoberfest was in 2008 where the temperatures did not get higher than 17,7°C. In this year October 3rd was the second coldest day with 9,5°C maximum.
– The coldest single day between 2001 and 2013 was Sep. 25th 2002 with a maximum of 5,4°C. On this day, it snowed a bit on Oktoberfest.
Please note: As the statistics for Munich city were not available, these tables show the values of Munich Airport. The values for the city might differ a bit.

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