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Legendary places: Duke Christoph`s black stone

20140616_184713Right besinde the entrance to the “Brunnenhof” (well court) on the premises of the royal residence lies rather unobtrusively in a corner a huge, black, shining stone. This is the stone of duke Christoph.20140616_184156

The duke really existed. He was born in Munich in 1449 as the older son of Bavarian duke Albrecht III. His historically proven life was a rather wild one – primarily, Christoph´s goal in life was to wangle some political power from his younger brother Albrecht, sole reigning duke at the period. He never succeded in taking over, though.

Christoph was a very huge and very strong man. The following legend underlines these physical traits:
20140616_184357In 1490 he took part in a competition from which he came out as the winner. They say he was able to jump „12 Schuh von der Erd“ (approx. 3.5 metres) and hit an nail in the wall with his foot; moreover, he threw supposedly a 364-pound-stone 9 steps away. The stone, the nails and the legend are still there in the residence to tell the story of the ultra-strong duke.

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