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Munich weather – from a local view (part 3: summer)

our article “Munich weather from a local view” continues with the waether conditions you can encounter during summer…

What will you answer when you’re asked: “When does summer begin?”. You’ll answer: In May, at least in June. Well in Munich, it can be a bit different.
Let’s sum up the weather conditions between May and August in Munich. There will be some warm or hot days. But as a traveller you should always keep in mind that the summer in Munich always goes a little bit like this: There are some warm or hot days (with up to 35°C/95°F). Maybe 2, 3, 4 or 5 days. Then there will be thunderstorms and rain again for one or two days (or longer) until the sun comes out again. The rule of thumb for Munich is: The hotter the days are and the more hot days in a row there are, the bigger is the chance that on the next day there will be rain. Unfortunately, when there are thunderstorms or rain after a hot period, the temperature will drop at least back to 20°C – 25°C / 68°F – 77°F for the next days with showery or rainy weather.
If you’re very lucky, you’ll encounter up to two weeks without any rain. But this is depending on the temperature. If the temperatures are not higher than 25°C/77°F, the possibility of a longer period of fine, sunny weather is quite high.

Let’s talk a bit about thunderstorms and other severe weather phenomenons during the Munich summer.

Lightnings/Blitze over/über Munich/München

Lightnings/Blitze over/über Munich/München

Some travellers from the USA asked once, if there are tornadoes in Bavaria or in the Munich area. And every Bvarian will say: “No!, never”. Actually this is not the full truth, but the very very rare tornadoes you can encounter in Bavaria are usually harmless and nothing compared to tornadoes in the USA. Have a look here on a video showing a tornado in Lake Starnberg (Starnbergersee).
During summer you should fear more the thunderstorms.

Munich is in a region of Germany with the most thunderstorms.
Usually Munich has about 30-40 days with thunderstorms during one year. The thunderstom season begins in April and ends in September.


Gewitter/thunderstorms Bayern/Bavaria

Gewitter/thunderstorms Bayern/Bavaria


On the map, the red dots indicate the area where the most thunderstorms during one year can be encountered.
Thunderstorms can become severe in this area with lots of lightning strikes, heavy rain and hailstorms. But there is a special thing about thunderstorms: Munich is often spared of hail and severe thunderstorms while the western and south eastern suburbs and municipalities often get direct hits. Especially the region between the city of Fürstenfeldbruck and Dachau (west/northwest of Munich) and the area between Holzkirchen and Ebersberg (south-east of Munich) often report severe hail during summer, while there is only light rain in Munich.

So always keep in mind that there can be thunderstorms during summer in Munich.

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