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Munich weather – from a local view (part 2: spring)

our article “Munich weather from a local view” continues with the waether conditions you can encounter during spring…

When asked, usually you would say spring begins by the end of February or at least in march. Not in Munich. Normally March is quite cold and there can be snow until April. Even in early May it can be cold. From May 11-15 there is a weather phenomenon. Around these day’s it possible that it freezes again or gets really cold. The Bavarians call these days the “Ice Saints” (german: “Eisheilige”). The days are named after the saints “Mamertus”, “Pancras” (bavarian: Pankraz), “Servatius” (bavarian: Servaz), “Bonifatius” (bavarian: Bonifaz) and “Sophia” (in Bavaria nicknamed “cold Sophie”).

From a climatic point of view you will have the “Ice Saints” around May 20th, because the used names and dates in early may referred to the Julian Calendar. With the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar there was a shift of about 10 days.

Fasaneriesee (Fasanerie-lake)

Fasaneriesee (Fasanerie-lake)

You see… it can be cold in Munich until the end of May ;-).

But there is another phenomenon, you will notice quite often during spring. The Föhn. We already wrote about this warm wind from the alps. The Föhn brings good weather and warm temperatures. It sometimes gives you a summer feeling with about 20° C / 68° F. So you might can have a beer in a Munich beergarden by the end of march or sit in the warm spring sun in a coffeehouse, while northern Bavaria and the rest of Germany freezes. Such days are also great for a walk (for example to one of the lakes in and around the city).

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