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Munich weather – from a local view (part 1: winter)

When you travel abroad as a tourist, you will always look for information about weather conditions and which weather or weather phenomenons you have to expect. This also applies for Munich and upper Bavaria. And there is a lot of information available. But let the Munich Greeters tell you about the weather from a local view…

All of you have already seen “Weather Information” in tourist guides. There are nice tables with average temperatures and average rainfall. Then a short text is added when it is the best time to travel to Munich and maybe there is a description about the weather phenomenon called “Föhn“. You already learned about two weather phenomenons that you may encounter in Munich. The “Föhn” and the “Sahara sand“. But let us tell you about the weather conditions in detail:

Winter in Munich is not predictable. It can be very cold with temperatures about -10°C/14°F and an icey wind from the east or it can be quite warm (not freezing) with lots of rain. Or there can be heavy snowfalls so that tramways and commuter trains stop operating. This happened for example in 2005. In WInter 2013/2014 Munich actually had no snow. From November until March it snowed once or twice but on the next day the snow was already gone.
So if you come to Munich for example during christmas time, don’t expect a postcard winter wonderland. Usually it begins to snow with significant amounts in January/February. Statistically “white christmas” (with snow over 5 cm height) is quite unusual. We had such a “white christmas” in 2005, 2001, 1999, 1996, 1994.
When you come to Munich from January to March, expect snow (even in March) or at least a lot of rain.
South of Munich in the more rural areas you will see more snow as the city’s warmth melts the snow as it falls.

In our next part we will tell you about the spring weather conditions in Munich…

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