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June – Strawberry season in Munich – pick your own strawberries

In June it can be warm and you may want to enjoy fresh regional products. In Munich, it is somehow tradition to eat strawberries during the summer months. On a cake, with ice cream, with whipped cream or just plain. In and around Munich strawberries grow quite good, so you even can pick your own…

In Bavaria, the “Erdbeerkuchen” (Strawberry-cake) is a well known and beloved, typical summer cake. And strawberries grow even in Munich and around. Unfortunately most supermarkets sell strawberries from Spain, Italy or other regions in the world. Sometimes just without any taste. But no worries. We tell you where to find Munich strawberries…

Types of strawberries:
There are two types or sorts of strawberries you can find: The “Walderdbeere” (lit.: Forest-Strawberry, also called woodland-strawberry or european strawberry) and the “Gartenerdbeere” (garden-strawberry).
As the names say, you can find the woodland-strawberry in the woods and forests around Munich. Usually they grow near the paths.The garden-strawberry grows in gardens and on fields and is used for desserts and cakes.

Stück Erbeerkuchen.JPG
Picture: „Stück Erbeerkuchen“ von MyName (Claus Ableiter) – Eigenes Werk. Lizenziert unter CC BY-SA 3.0 über Wikimedia Commons.

Pick your own strawberry – tradition:
since the 1970s it is somehow tradition in the Munich area to go out on a sunny day on certain strawberry fields, where you can pick your own strawberries. In and around Munich you’ll find strawberry fields with a small hut nearby. Here you can pick your own (and of course eat some fresh strawberries right from the plant. Nearly every citizen in Munich knows this tradition and has been on a field picking and eating strawberries at least once. This is also great for children.

There are different vendors who own strawberry fields. We show you some fields:
In the north and west of Munich the vendor “Hofreiter” has many fields. Unfortunately only a few are reachable by public transport. As the field locations may change from one year to another, better check the website where the fields are and which field you can easily reach:

In the west of Munich, the vendor “Wolf” has many fields:
In the south of Munich you’ll find fields of the vendor “Lang”:

Usually you can bring your own container to put your strawberries in it. The vendor weighs your container because you usually pay per kilogram. If you don’t have a container, they will give you one (you have to buy it).
Here you can find a video about the fields and interviews with citizens (only in german).

Other berries:
Some of the vendors also have raspberry, blueberry, blyckberry, and even currant fields where you can pick your own.

Perlacher Forst/Perlach Forest

Perlacher Forst/Perlach Forest

Please Note:

woodland strawberries can be found in the woods and forests around Munich. But avoid to eat them raw. In the woods around Munich there are lots of animals. Especially foxes may have a disease. The Echinococcus multilocularis or “fox tapeworm”. It can also infest humans. Eggs of this tapeworm are spread through excrements and can survive quite a long time (up to some months). To be perfectly honest: You don’t know if there was a fox or other animal who pooped near the woodland strawberry you’re about to pick an eat. So please use woodland strawberries only to produce jam…
So if you’re in Munich and have the time, go out to a strawberry field, pick and try original Munich strawberries…. just great!

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