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The most bavarian candy

When guests come to Munich, they love to taste the food and the beer. But bavarian food has more to offer than roasted chicken, pork chops and cheese spätzle…

Bayrisch Blockmalz

Blockmalz – By Teilzeittroll (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

There are plenty of sweet dishes like Kaiserschmarrn, Dampfnudeln, Strudel, Auszogne. And of course there is a special “coffee & cake” tradition with lots of great cakes and cookies. But did you know that there is also a special, truly bavarian hard candy? No worries, even most citizens will say “I don’t know”, if you ask them this question. If you tell them the answer, they will then say “Of course!”. The speical hard candy is named “Bayerisch Blockmalz” (lit.: Bavarian block-malt”). It is a hard candy, broken into small pieces (usual weight: 6-9 gram) with a dark brown-black colour.
The taste is very sweet but also quite malty. It was invented in 1899 as a cough candy and until today people melt these candies in hot milk or tea when they have a cold. There is no proof that it really helps when you have a cold ;-).
Anyway it is a great candy and a really new taste if you’re not used to it. I would say because of the taste there are people who love Blockmalz and people who hate it. So you have to choose one side, but you have to try it!

The Blockmalz is made of caramel and malt extract and then broken into small pieces. There are only three manufacturers in Germany that produce Bayerisch Blockmalz. Dr. Soldan, Kalfany and Edel. The most common brand is Dr. Soldan. This company was the first to produce Blockmalz back in 1899. Today you can buy Blockmalz in (quite huge) supermarkets, drugstores and pharmacies.

When you were a child in Munich, Blockmalz is something your grandmother or great grandmother gave to you. And normally you did not like it very much. As well as other traditional candies they gave to you, usually made by the Edel candy company. They produce candy since 1864 and they have weird sorts, like fennel-candy, Liquorice-potash salt-candy, anise-fennel-candy, elder-candy, ribgrass-candy or mountain pine-candy.

So if you are in Munich try to taste the real bavarian candy “Bayerisch Blockmalz”.

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