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5 places in Munich to relax

Sometimes you need a rest. Munich is great for tourists, but sometimes you don’t want to see masses of people and just sit down and enjoy the surrounding area, listen to the birds singing and close your eyes for a minute. Follow the Munich Greeters to 5 relaxing places…

5. Theresienwiese (Oktoberfest grounds)
You won’t believe it, but when there is no festival like Oktoberfest, the Oktoberfest grounds (Theresienwiese, lit.: Therese’s meado/field) is a rather quiet place. Grab a coffee in the surrounding district at a coffeeshop and come here and sit down at the steps of Bavaria statue and watch joggers, people walking their dog and the blue and white sky over Munich… just great!
How to get there: U4/U5 station “Theresienwiese” or U3/U6 station “Goetheplatz”.

Panzerwiese Muenchen

Panzerwiese – By Oliver Raupach (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

4. Panzerwiese
Panzerwiese in the north of Munich is a nature reserve. It is a heathland with fields and meadows where you can find rare animals and plants like the grey partridge, the sparrowhawk, the sand bee, wild rabbits and gentian. Until the 1980s this area was a military training area. The name “Panzerwiese” literally means “tank-field”. The US and german army trained their tank crews there. In 1994 the area was bought by the city and became a nature preserve open for public.
How to get there: U2, station “Dülferstraße”.

Perlacher Mugl

Perlacher Mugl – By Richard Bartz (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

3. Perlacher Mugl
The “Perlacher Mugl” (lit.: Perlach-Hill) is a small hill in the Perlach-Forest in the south of Munich. This hill was created after the second world war. During the war there was a anti-aircraft bunker located in the forest. It was too expensive to detroy it, so it was covered with debris from the city, produced during the bombing of Munich and debris from a nearby open-tunnel-project, ralised in the 1950s. The hill is higher than the tallest trees so you have a beautiful view to the alps and it’s quiet and calm inside the forest.
By the way: “Mugl” is bavarian for “small hill”.
How to get there: U1 station “Mangfallplatz”

2. Fröttmaninger Berg

Windrad Fröttmaning

Windrad Fröttmaning

The “Fröttmaninger Berg” (Fröttmaning Hill) is a rather high hill in the north of Munich. On top there is a wind turbine, producing electricity. The hill was in former times a landfill. So it is quite strange to see signs near the paths, reading “Danger! Landfill gas – No open fire!”. Anyway. On top you have a great view over the city and you can watch the hectic drivers on the near Autobahn, while you’re realixing.

How to get there: U6, station “Fröttmaning”

1.Schloßpark Nymphenburg
The big park surounding castle Nymphenburg is great for relaxing. Just leave the castle and the tourists visiting it behind and enter the park. The further you go the fewer people you will see. Sit down on a bench, watch ducks and geese and just relax as the kings and queens of bavaria did.
How to get there: U1, station “Gern”

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  1. Very interesting list of relaxing places in Munich, but I miss the northern part of Englischer Garten, so called “Schäferwiese”, where still sheppards look after their sheeps.