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Strong beer route through Munich

it’s strong beer season in Munich and in traditional restaurants and pubs you can taste the different strong beers. If you don’t know what “Starkbier” (strong beer) is, read our article about Starkbier first. And then follow the Munich Greeters on the Starkbier-Route…

Every year the strong beer season starts after Fasching (carnival). The traditional breweries in Munich produce special beer “strong beer”. To indicate that it is a strong beer, the beers get the suffix “-ator”. Every brewery has it’s own strong beer. And the beers have a different taste. The Munich Greeters made a route for you to taste the traditional strong beers. But always keep in mind, that strong beer is really strong and sometimes served in 1 Liter mugs. So don’t try to taste all different types in one day ;-). Believe me, you will regret it, if you try…

Beer in a Beergarden

A glass is filled with beer

We start with the most traditional Starkbier. The “Salvator”. It’s produced by Paulaner brewery. A great strong beer with a malty taste. 7,9% Alc. The Salvator in todays taste is based upon a recipe of a Paulaner monk called “Brother Barnabas” who was the master brewer of the Paulaner monastery since 1773.
Try to taste the Salvator in its original habitat… the “Nockherberg”. Nockherberg is the traditional brewery-restaurant with beergarden . Traditionally the first barrel of strong beer is tapped here every march with a huge festival, where comedians mock upon the Bavarian politicians.
Munich tradition
we leave the Nockherberg and walk down to river Isar, then through “Au”-district over the bridge to the fancy Glockenbach district. Near the church St. Maximilian is a traditional restaurant called “Kreuzberger”. Here you’ll get a pint of “Maximator” the very good drinkable strong beer of the Augustiner brewery has also a long tradition and is not so strong like the others (7,5 % Alc.).
Maybe you like to have it with traditional “Schweinsbraten” roasted pork with dumplings and sauce.



One more
Now we take the subway U1 from the nearby stop “Fraunhoferstraße” to the north and get off at “Stiglmaierplatz” station. Here we find the old and traditional “Löwenbräukeller”. This is the home of Löwenbräu’s strong beer called “Triumphator”. A sweet dark strong beer with a caramel taste and 7,7 % Alc.). Because of the sweetness of strong beers they also can be combined with sweet dishes. So why not try it with a fine Kaiserschmarrn (what is Kaiserschmarrn?)

More strong beer:
There are more strong beers that can be tasted.

1. Animator (Hacker-Pschorr brewery)
The Animator was the strongest strong beer with an alcohol amount of 8,1 %. Until the Giesinger brewery produced their strong beer which is stronger than Animator. Trust me, it’s really strong ;-). You can taste it in restaurants where Hacker-Pschorr beers are served.

2. Giesinger Sternhagel (Giesinger brewery)
Giesinger brewery is a rather new private brewery founded in 2006. A few young people started brewing in an garage which was converted to a micro brewery. They sold their beer in the neighbourhood of the Untergiesing district. More and more people demanded the new beer and soon they decided to expand. They started crowdfunding and in summer 2014 they will be ready with a bigger brewery and a traditional restaurant near the Giesing church.
The produced strong beer “Giesinger Sternhagel” is the strongest available strong beer with 9,5 % Alc. As the brewery restaurant is not open yet in spring 2014 you have to go to special locations to get one (see:

3. Aviator
In a very unusual location a fine brown Starkbier can be found – the Aviator. And as the name says it has something to do with airplanes. The Aviator is brewed by Airbräu the traditional restaurant with brewery at Munich Airport. Airbräu is not a tourist trap, it’s a fine restaurant and they serve fresh brewed beer. It’s really worth a visit. (

But be quick… Starkbier is only served until mid april ;-).

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