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Munich’s unknown hymn

Did you know that Munich has an unofficial Hymn? No? It’s rather unknown by younger citizens, but it’s still alive. Read about Munich’s unknown hymn…

Some of you now may think about the famous “drinking jingle” called “Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit“, but there is another folk song that is known as unofficial Hymn of Munich. Of course it is a folk song which can be played with brass instruments. It’ called “Solang der Alte Peter…” (as long as old Peter…).

Alter Peter

Alter Peter

The first verse or sentence of the songs mentions Peterskirche (church of St. Peter in Munich), which is called by the citizens “Old Peter”. The other sentences mention typical Munich things just as the Hofbräuhaus, river Isar and the well known “Münchner Gemütlichkeit”.

Here’s the text. It’s a quite short song (about 50 sec.):

Solang der Alte Peter
Am Petersbergl steht,
Solang die grüne Isar
Durchs Münchner Stadterl geht,
Solang da drunt am Platzl
Noch steht das Hofbräuhaus,
Solang stirbt die Gemütlichkeit
bei de Münchner niemals aus
Solang stirbt die Gemütlichkeit
bei de Münchner niemals aus.

English (rhyme can not be kept):
As long as Old Peter
stands on Peter’s hill*
As long as green river Isar
flows through Munich town,
As long as down there at Platzl
stands the Hofbräuhaus
the Gemütlichkeit of the Münchner
will never die out
the Gemütlichkeit of the Münchner
will never die out
*The Church of St. Peter stand on top of a small hill. Nowadays you won’t notice it, because of the surrounding streets and buildings. But if you watch Old Peter from behind (Viktualienmarkt), you’ll see the church has a higher elevation as the surrounding buildings.

Here you can hear how this song sounds.

As mentionned, only a few know this song because it’s not very common to sing folk songs (except on Oktoberfest). But also a few citizens and Bavarians know that they can hear the first chord of this unofficial hymn every day in the radio.
It’s radio stations “Bayern 3” jingle for traffic news. And this since after the war. You can hear a demonstration of this jingle here. The jingle used in the 1970s can be heard at the very beginning (Sec 0:02 – 0:05). The today’s used (modernized) jingle can be heard at sec. 0:35 – 0:39.

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  1. Sehr schöner Eintrag! Dieses “Solang stirbt die Gemütlichkeit
    bei de Münchner niemals aus” hört sich toll an!