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10 things you should NOT do as a tourist in Munich

We listed for you the top 10 things you should not do as a tourist in Munich.

10: Try to drive a car at maximum speed on an Autobahn (motorway)
First, there are speed limits. Only a few Autobahn-sections around Munich have no speed limit. Secondly, if you are not used to drive a car at 190-230 km/h (118-143 mp/h) you risk your life and the life of others!

9: Claim that “BMW” means “British Motor Works”
It actually means “Bayerische Motorenwerke” (Bavarian Motor Works). The company logo also shows the bavarian state colours blue and white. The shape of these two couloured areas in the logo are interpreted as airscrew, because BMW also built flight engines in former times.

8: Complain about unfriendly waiters/waitresses
…this is somehow tradition in Munich 😉

7: Buy a beer-stein with a tin lid and a nice “traditional” painting on it as a souvenir.
Nobody in Munich has these steins at home or uses them. Better buy a normal beer mug with a brewery logo on it.

6: Ask the waiter/waitress to bring ketchup for your white sausage.
…just don’t do it, ok?

5: Try to speak in bavarian accent.
This will sound funny… and stupid :-).

4: Order a pretzel and ask for mustard to dip.
Bavarians don’t eat pretzels with mustard…remember that!

3: Bring your own drinks to a beergarden.
You are allowed to bring your own food to a beergarden (not “Wirtsgarten”). But never ever try to bring your own drinks. Respect the tradition and buy the drinks in the beergarden.

2: Ask where to buy a good cuckoo-clock.
Those clocks have nothing to do with bavarian culture!

1: Drink a Maß (1 liter mug) in a normal restaurant/bar.
If you do, everybody will notice that you’re a tourist. Better go to a beergarden or festival. There ist is normal to drink a Maß.

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