Munich Greeter

Sahara desert in Munich

What does the Sahara desert have in common with Munich? Right, nothing!. However there is a connection. Read on to learn about it…

When you think about Munich, the first things that come on your mind are the traditions, the stereotypes and the blue sky with a few white clouds. And maybe you know that Munich is called the northernmost city of Italy not only because of the connections of the ruler family to the italian courts, but also because of the weather phenomenon “Föhn”, a warm wind that brings good and warm weather in early spring. There is a nother weather phenomenon which occurs every year but noticable only a few times.
Every year a few tons of sand of the Sahara desert fall on Munich. It all starts in the Sahara desert in Algeria. Strong winds blow up Sand and Dust to into the atmosphere. The sand then travels north. And if the clouds are high enough, they can pass the alps and sandy rain falls in bavaria. About every five years a noticable amount of rain or snow falls on Munich. The citizens call this phenomenon “Blood Rain” or “Blood Snow” because the sky appears in sandy red and brown. If it rains it’s brown rain and if this occurs during winter the snow shimmers red and brown.

In 2004 and 2010 this happened (and again on Feb. 18th 2014). In 2004 the German Weather Service filmed the “Blood Rain”:
Blood Rain Video

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