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Looking back at 2013 – The Munich Greeter statistics

We look back at a wonderful Munich Greeter-year 2013. We met many people from all over the world. From Mexico to Canada to India to Russia and of course from Germany. Every greet was a unique expierience both for our guests and our greeters and we all take our impressions with us into a new year. But let us look at 2013 in detail….

The wow-effect
When the new statistics were ready, the first word we said was “wow!”. We had a plus of 73% of greeter requests compared to 2012. In 2013 we had 182 requests, in 2012 “only” 105.
341 Persons explored the city of Munich from a locals view and felt a bit like a “Münchner”.
But not only the amount of requests and greeted persons was stunning, also the number of requested greets we had to cancel: Only 19% (34) greets had to be cancelled, because no Munich Greeter was available. In 2012 we had to cancel 29%. Let’s try to lower this number again in 2014 ;-).

Where do most of the guests come from and when?
The statistics say that most of the requests came from Germany (55), followed by the USA (37), Canada (11) and the UK (8). If you sum these statistics up, requests from Germany make 30%, North America 26%, Europe (without Germany) 20%.
The funny thing is, that 64% of the requests were in english.
And again as in 2012 it seems the best travel months are in summer and autumn. The busiest months were July – October, with a peak in october. January and november were the months with only a few greets.

We are proud that the greeter system is not only an option for young people. The statsistics are somehow homgenic in this pont, but of course we have two groups with some more requests: People from 18-27 and from 46-55.
And we are also proud that many people read about us on Wikitravel (22%) and another 13% found us on the Global Greeter Network. 10% were told about the Munich Greeters by friends/family. All this is great! so keep up spreading the word about the greeter system.

And now we start into the year 2014. Hope to meet you in Munich!


  1. Hallo, das ist ja eine beachtliche Zahl und Steigerung. München ist nun mal eine tolle Stadt und garantiert ein Besuch wert. Wünsche euch weiterhin viel Erfolg und eine Menge Anfragen. Viele Grüße

  2. Hallo, ich finde deinen Blog wirklich klasse gemacht und es ist kein Wunder, dass soviele Besucher auf die Seite kommen. Vor allem im Bereich Essen& Trinken suche ich für meinen Blog des Öfteren Inspiration für neue Texte und da kann ich mich an dich halten. Hut ab und weiter so!