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Munich’s water

Travellers always have one question, when they arrive in their hotel/hostel/appartment. They ask themselfes: “Is the water in this country or region drinkable or do I have to go to the supermarkte and buy some mineral water bottles?”
The Munich Greeters tell you about Munich water…

As you know Munich is in the south of Germany and the alps are near. So there is a huge amount of fresh water right 50-80 km south of the city border. So in the 1880s the city gouvernment decided to bring drinking water to Munich trough pipelines.

Forests south of Munich - Also a source of fresh water

Forests south of Munich – Also a source of fresh water

In 1883 the first pipeline to the Mangfalltal (Valley of River Mangfall) in the alps was opened and Munich got fresh and clean water. To store the water near Munich in the city of Deisenhofen, a water tower was built which could be filled with 38.000 m3 of water. Until 1913 other sources of water were connected to the pipeline. And as the sources near the alps have a higher elevation as Munich, the water flows automatically to the city.
As Munich grew fast more water was needed. Engineers found out, that just 10km south of Munich in the forests are also springs of water with the same quality. So these were also connected to the system.

The water quality is extremely high. That’s why Munich citizens often do not buy mineral water, because the water from tap has the same quality. In other words. In Munich, mineral water comes out of the taps.
Here are some values compared to a well known buyable mineral water (in brackets):

Brunnen/Fountain Westfriedhof/Western cemetary

Brunnen/Fountain Westfriedhof/Western cemetary – The water is fresh, but the tap maybe isnt. Therefore not drinkable!

Calcium: 82,7 (80)
Magnesium: 20,7 (6)
Sodium: 4,2 (6,5)
Potassium: 1,1 (1)
Hydrogen carbonate: 315,3 (360)
Sulfate: 16,5 (12,5)
Chloride: 8,5 (3,8)
Nitrate: 7,4 (3,7)

So as a tourist it is no problem to drink water from tap in Munich. But always keep in mind that the biggest problem is the tap. The water can be clean, but when the tap isn’t you’ll have a problem. In hotels where the rooms are used frequently there should be no problem drinking water from tap. But never try it in a public toilet or something similar.

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  1. This explains why you can’t find a good bagel in Munich, the calcium level in the water is too high, at least in relation to New York City (5.4).