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New travel option in Munich – The Express-Bus

In Munich there are many possibilities to get from the one end of the city to the other. Subways, commuter trains (“S-Bahn”), tramways and buses.
But from now on there is a new possibility. Munich created the “Expressbus” a bus-shuttle connecting subway and commuter train stations.

The bus is like a normal bus, but stops only at subway/commuter train stations such as Ostbahnhof (Munich-East railway station) or Harras. The Expressbus connects the district Sendling with the district Haidhausen.
The Expressbus has a special sign (“X”) and the line name is “X 30”. It operates from Monday to Saturday between 6/7 am until 10.30 pm
YOu can use the same tickets as you use in the entire subway, commuter train and tramway/bus system. But there is one special thing about the Expressbus you should know.

The ticket system in Munich gives you one option, which confuses many tourists. The “Kurzstrecke” (short way). You get a cheaper ticket when you’re travelling only a few stations. How many is defined: 4 stations in buses and tramways, 2 stations in subways and commuter trains. The Expressbus only connects stations so it is considered as subway/commuter train and therefore you’re only allowed to travel 2 stations with your “Kurzstrecke”-ticket and not 4 even though you’re riding a bus ;-).

Here you can see where the X 30 operates (dotted line):
Network Overview

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