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Explore the green Munich – Natural Monuments in the city

Munich is proud of its history and culture, but the city is also proud of its environmental concience. Munich citizens love their “Isar-Auen” (wetlands of the river Isar), their parks and also their trees right in front of their home. If the city plans to remove a tree in the street there are often citizens initiatives to stop the city gouvernment. There are also clubs who do guerilla gardening. And the “green Munich” is also interesting for tourists.

You can enjoy the parks, the woods around the city and the many gardens that also make Munich uniqe in environmental issues.
Waldfriedhof - a park & cemetary
A natural monument (german: “Naturdenkmal”) can be

“Protected areas set aside to protect a specific natural monument, which can be a landform, sea mount, submarine cavern, geological feature such as a cave, or even a living feature such as an ancient grove. They are generally quite small protected areas and often have high visitor value.”

So even a lone tree can be a natural monument. In Bavaria these natural monuments are marked with a specific sign, showing a black bird inside a green triangle. These natural monuments are preserved by the gouvernment and it is not allowed to alter them or to remove or destroy them. In Munich there are lots of them just like the following one on Karolinenplatz:

Naturdenkmal Karolinenplatz

Naturdenkmal Karolinenplatz

You can visit and enjoy them. It’s a different sightseeing, but it is great fun. There is also a map of these natural monuments provided by the city of Munich:

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