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Bavarian food culture in the USA – Yes they can!

In spring 2013 we wrote about the “Hofbräuhaus New York” and noticed that what is served there as bavarian food is far away from real bavarian food. But now a guest told us that there is another “bavarian” location in New York: “Zum Schneider”… we were surprised!

“Zum Schneider” is a bavarian restaurant located in the Manhattan district. It was founded by a bavarian native who grew up in a rural Munich city suburb (Weßling) and missed the bavarian food and beergarden culture in his New hometown, New York. So in the year 2000 he created “Zum Schneider”. And as he is a native bavarian he is used to the traditions, the culture and the food. Therefore “Zum Schneider” in New York looks very familiar for bavarians :-). But creating a bavarian atmosphere is one thing… the other thing is the food.

And then we looked at the online menu – and we were surprised. It looks like a normal menu, you’ll get in every traditional Munich restaurant. Ok, maybe one thing: “Züricher Geschnetzeltes (Sliced veal cutlet in a creamy mushroom sauce w/ spätzle & house salad )” isn’t a traditional bavarian dish. But ok, it’s part of the “alps-cuisine” ;-), like the “Wiener Schnitzel”.
Great! real authentic bavarian food in New York. They even serve bavarian snacks just like “Two Wieners with bread & Mustard”, which is known by every bavarian child. And they even don’t call them “Frankfurter”-sausages. Great job!.

And if you look at the photos (they made food-photos) it looks like home :-).

Ok… for a native Munich citizen the prices are very high. A regular pretzel for 4 $…,approx. 3 €…wow. When you order pretzels in Munich restaurants they cost normally 1 € (about 1,40 $). But ok, maybe they are imported… it’s the same in Munich with original american products. The price of the traditional dishes like “Haxn (pork shank)” is with 25 $ (about 18 €) only a bit above Munich average (20 $).

And now the beers:
And again wow when you look at the menu. “Zum Schneider” serves “Andechser”, a smaller brewery located south of Munich, owned by benedictine monks. Munich citizens love the Andechs monastery to do a day trip with hiking and having a beer. The “Zum Schneider” says that it is the first location in the USA that serves Andechser beer.
But also the smaller brewery “Traunsteiner Hofbräu” (which has nothing to do with the Hofbräuhaus in Munich) is served. And if you want to try other bavarian beers, this is your place. They serve from “Neumarkter Lammsbräu” an organic beer to the famous northern bavarian smoked “Schlenkerla” beer.
And a big thank you to Mr. Schneider who named the 0.5-liter glass “regular” and the 1,0-liter mug “large”. This is bavarian realitiy, not those touristy restaurants who try to suggest that all bavarians only drink 1-liter-beers as “regular”.

Great to know where to go as a Munich citizen in New York when you become homesick ;-).

Here are some impressions:

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