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Day trip idea: Tegernsee

Munich has a lot to see and to doand you maybe won’t have time to see all those fascinating things in the city. But maybe you want to gain impressions about the more rural, traditional “Oberland” (“Upper land” – the Alpine foreland). This region is great for day trips starting from Munich. Here is an idea for a day trip:

A visit to lake Tegernsee (lit.: Tegern-lake, because “-see” means lake in german)

    What is Tegernsee?

The lake is one of the big five lakes in the bavarian alpine foreland (Ammersee, Starnbergersee, Chiemsee, Tegernsee, Königssee), which are only a short trip away from Munich (Tegernsee is abaout 50km south of Munich). Especially Tegernsee offers a beautiful mountain view, but is not as crowded by tourists as Königssee.

    How to get there?

Take the train from Munich. The line Munich- Tegernsee is operated by the “Bayerische Oberlandbahn (BOB)” (Bavarian Upper-land Railway). The trains are running hourly. On weekends half-hourly. A special offer is the “Oberland Ticket”. With this ticket you can ride day long on all BOB-lines as often you want for only 15 €/Person. Therefore this ticket is ideal for getting to Tegernsee and back to Munich (Normal ticket price: about 22 €). More Information at:

    What to do there?

First, enjoy the panoramic view 🙂
Take a stroll at the lakeside, maybe have a coffee or visit the Herzogliche Bräustüberl to eat traditional bavarian food.
And then of course take the ferry boat on Tegernsee. The ships are operated by the “Bayerische Seenschiffahrt” a government enterprise.
More information:
And if you want to see more, go on to the town of Rottach-Egern and take the ropeway to Wallberg-mountain. There you have a wonderful view, when the weather is fine. Here are some pictures:

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