Munich Greeter

Free WiFi in the streets of Munich

Sometimes it can be hard, especially for tourists to get information from the (mobile) internet without facing high roaming costs. To make things more easy inside the inner city, the city gouvernment opened some free WiFi hotspots.

Where are the hotspots?
At the moment you can log into a public hotspot at Marienplatz (city center), at Sendlinger Tor, at Stachus (Karlsplatz) and at Odeonsplatz.

Who can use these hotspots?
Everyone with WiFi equipment.

Is it really for free?
It really is!

How long can I use the free WiFi?
After one hour you are disconnected automatically. It is possible to log in again. If you are logged in, but inactive for more than 10 minutes, you are also disconnected automatically.

More infos?
klick the official Website (unfotunately only in german)

One Comment

  1. Ganz beliebt ist der Apple Store, wo die Leute teilweise davor sitzen, um ins Internet zu gehen. Ich bevorzuge lieber ein gemütliches Cafe.