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Greens only: Vegan Restaurants

Today, vegetarian food is a totally normal part of restaurant menus, even in the “typical Bavarian” restaurants. Pretzel soup, mushroom goulash with bread dumplings, salad with feta cheese – the selection is pretty neat. It is much more difficult for vegans. Delicious meat-, fish-, dairy- and egg-free food is not easily found in the city. Below you find my personal list of vegan locations.

Boonian – central snackbar
Situated in the middle of the Schrannenhalle, Boonian offers daily specials such as homemade stews, curries, Indian Dals or tofu kebabs and the lushest vegan chocolate mousse in town. The service is extremely friendly and most helpful to make a choice on what to eat. Prices range between moderate 4-8 euros per dish. Open from Monday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Gratitude – vegan subtitles
In this restaurant on Türkenstraße 55, you can order every dish according to your emotional state – as each has a special title. For example, the salad with baked pumpkin comes as “I am beautiful”, , the asian vegetables with rice as “I’m grounded”. In addition to smoothies, salads and starters, soups and cakes are on offer. If you want to know more than the menu explains, nice waitresses will enlighten you carefully. The only small drawback: the chairs are stools without backs – very stylish, but not so suitable for lounging around. Open from Tuesday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Sundays 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Prince Myshkin – traditionally vegetarian, now vegan
The Prince Myshkin on Hackenstraße 2 (just around the corner of the shopping mall “Hofstatt”) exists since 20 years. A pioneer in vegetarian cuisine in the early nineties, the menu was extended to vegan dishes some years ago. The menu offers Asian dishes as well as Italian and Indian ones. Particularly recommendable: tortilla chips with guacamole and red salsa or hummus mixed with wasabi paste and served with vegetable sticks. The service has good days and bad days – I was served attentively and courteously, but was also sometimes nearly ignored. Especially nice to sit in is the large main room with its high vaulted ceiling and the subtle decoration in beige and brown tones. Matching the downtown location, the prices are rather upscale (starters 6-10 €, main dishes € 14-20, salads 9-14 €). Open daily between 11a.m. and 00:30 a.m. Advance booking is recommended.

Café Ignaz – vegan since time began
Veganism has become a kind of lifestyle. But not in the Café Ignaz: the restaurant on Georgenstraße 67 is unpretentious and solid. And it offered vegan food when the term was not even invented. Besides veggie patties with rice and fried potatoes, soups, vegetable quiches, you can choose between different versions of pasta or couscous and many more dishes, all at affordable prices: appetizers and soups are for 3-7 €, main dishes on the extensive menu cost € 9.90. The Sunday brunch buffet (9-14 clock, 9.90 €, 4 € for children under 10) is lush and very popular. There are not many locations in town that offer such high quality vegan food for so little money. Therefore, I recommend advance booking. Open daily except Tuesdays between 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Royal Kebab – like the real stuff, only without meat
The staff is very cordial. That is in itself a powerful argument for the Turkish takeout “Royal Kebab House” at the main station (Arnulfstraße 5). Apart from that, they offer vegan kebabs, which I have otherwise found only at Boonian´s. Gone are the days when ordering a vegetarian kebab meant ordering one without meat (somehow, the word “vegan” didn´t go well with “kebab”). Now the filling is grilled seitan, on request with fried onions and vegan sauces (such as “Pink Sultan” with beetroot). For the delicious vegan version, you pay only little more (4.50 €) than for the normal one (3.90 €). Open Monday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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