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A stage for the theatre´s world: The Museum of German Theatre in Munich

A night at the theater is a fleeting pleasure. What remains is memory. “To preserve this theatrical memory” is the task of the Museum of German Theatre according to its website. On Galeriestraße 4a (Hofgarten arcades) a vast collection is housed, which includes everything that is left over from the theater or was used for the production of plays. Some figures to illustrate the of the collection: around 250,000 graphic prints, half a million autographs and ca. 4.3 million theater photographs …

The collection was founded by actress Clara Ziegler, who in 1909 donated her villa in the English Garden, her considerable fortune and her own collection to establish a theater museum, which was opened in June, 1910. In 1944 the villa was bombed, but fortunately, most of the stock had been evacuated before. In 1953, the Clara Ziegler Foundation moved into its current location in one of the building wings along the Hofgarten.

Due to limited space, unfortunately there is no permanent exhibition. But in special exhibitions, the Theatre Museum shows on two floors not only bequests by artists, but tries to give its visitors a detailed picture of the development and the role of theaters and artists. This also includes the opera world. Thus, the Theatre Museum shows until 20 October 2013 on the occasion of the 200th Birthday of Richard Wagner an exhibition on the 140-year history of performances of the “Ring des Nibelungen”.

The Theatre Museum is open daily except Monday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission fee is € 4.

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