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Souvenir shops in Munich

When going on a trip, you don´t want to bring back only photos and anecdotes, but also something more lasting – souvenirs. The range of products is large and often it is a choice between kitsch and rubbish. Still, there are some shops which are worth a visit.

Unusually funny: Servus Heimat
It is a small chain of shops all over Munich – one in the ”Asampassage” (exit Brunnstrasse), another one in the “Stadtmuseum” and a third one near the pedestrian zone in “Tal/Radlsteg”. They offer a unique mixture of reinvented classical souvenirs, useful little things with local colour and contemporary Bavarian memorabilia. There are beersteins, teacups, snow globes, trendy weather houses, breakfast trays, bath ducks in traditional Bavarian costumes, as well as an extensive servus.heimat-textile collection for ladies, men, children and babies. As to prices, everybody might make a find – the range reaches from 3.90€ for “Shot glass STENZ” to 119€ for a pink cuckoo clock.

Traditional craftsmanship: Sebastian Wesely
Right beside the church Saint Peter („old Peter“) is the shop “Sebastian Wesely”, a family business founded in 1557. The most important product line are candles and wax models manufactured according to customer wishes. Moreover you can acquire handmade bridal mugs, national costume jewellery, hand-carved wooden morris dancers, nativity scenes and statues of saints, as well as tin articles (e.g., the Bavarian state coat of arms). Manufacture involves a lot of manual work and exquisite materials such as gold leaf and silver, therefore prices are somewhat higher than usual. Of course, there are undecorated candles for less than 10€, but a piece of silver national costume jewellery is around 35€, an eight inch morris dancer costs 81€ and so on.

For soccer fans: fan shops of FC Bayern München and TSV 1860 München
Blue or red, that is the question. What would Munich be without its two best known soccer teams… The better known club might be FC Bayern München, therefore you find more “red” fan shops in town (central station, besides the Hofbräuhaus, in the Stachus passages and the pedestrian zone, at the airport) and even a megastore in the Allianz Arena. The “lions” (nickname of the club members of TSV 1860 München) are content with one shop on their training area in the Grünwalder Straße in the neighborhood Giesing. Regardless of the color, the interested soccer fan can acquire the necessary outfit for a visit of a live performance (caps, scarfs, caps, T-shirts), but also very different gifts. For young boys, for example, you can buy the printed bed linen or a player shirt („player’s T-shirt Manuel Neuer, complete with portrait print for 19.95€). A funny gimmick gift might be the bath duck from the FC Bayern Christmas edition (with club logo and Santa hat). Prices vary from 4€ (for a shirt-shaped air freshener “FC Bayern”) and up to double digit amounts.

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  1. Hier in München mag ich diese ganzen Holzschnitzelfigur Läden, die ihre Produkte handgefertigt haben und sie zum Verkauf zur Verfügung stellen. Wäre ich Tourist in München, würde ich nicht zwangsweise in die teuren Kaufhäuser gehen, um Souvenirs zu kaufen, sondern wirklich auf offenen Marktständen mich auf die Suche begeben. Ich selber bin großer Fan vom Kaffee und die jeweiligen Kaffeekulturen kann man in den verschiedenen Ländern sehr gut sehen. In Vietnam werden die kleinen Blechtöpfe mit Löchern genutzt, in Belgien benutzen die Leute Geräte, die wie Experimentiermaschinen aus dem Labor aussehen, deutsche Geräte für den Kaffee wie hier bei Bosch zeigen Ihre Power durch Ihre Leistung und es ist schade, dass im Hinblick auf den Kaffee wenige Shops vorhanden sind, die speziell darauf ausgerichtet sind.