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A Space Called Public – Hoffentlich öffentlich


A puddle imported from Berlin, a monument for a monkey, a fallen over Buddha statue or a mattress made of concrete. Until September 30th, such and similar art installations can be seen at public places in Munich. They also invite to discover the city new.

Here some of the installations, that deal with the question „What are public places today?“, are described in detail:

Lili Ren Ren & Stephen Hall: 4th Plinth

Already at the end of January the „4th Plinth Munich“ has been built at the Wittelsbacherplatz. A base, made for a monument – but without a monument. The idea behind it was to copy the 4th Plinth at the Trafalgar Square in London, which serves as a socket for temporary art projects. Like in London, international artists have been invited to apply with creative project ideas. And the winner has been…

Alexander Laner: Schöner Wohnen (better living)

…an innovative real estate project. An artist from Munich transformed the inner and outer space of the socket to an exclusive apartment with 4qm, that can be rented on a 24 hour basis. The luxuriously reconstructed apartment in a premium location with rooftop terrace can be brought to life by its inhabitants. Apart from this, it also reminds the shortage of affordable living in Munich. Building tycoons and estate agents, that start feeling guilty now…


Elmgreen & Dragset: It’s never too late to say sorry

…can salve their conscience every day at noon at the Odeonsplatz. At that time, a man assures loudly through a megaphone „It’s never too loud to say sorry“. Who comes too late for the performance, can still have a look at the megaphone later during the day in its permanently installed glass container.


An overview about the other projects, sculptures and performances can be found at the web page of „ A Space Called Public / Hoffentlich Öffentlich“.

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