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What is?… – Mariä Himmelfahrt (Assumption Day)

Bavaria and Munich are shaped by catholicism, which leads to a lot of religious holidays. One of them is Mariä Himmelfahrt (Assumption Day, August 15th). Let the Munich Greeter explain why this day is special…

The origins
As mentionned, assumption day is a christian holiday to commemmorate the “entrance of St. Mary into heaven”. This custom was introduced in the 5th century bay Kyrill I., patriarch of Alexandria.

Meaning today
Today, the 15th August is a high, religious holiday. Accordingly there are numerous church services and pilgrimages on this particular day. In more rural areas it is tradition to consecrate bouquets of herbs and flowers.

Other meaning
For tourists it is good to know that Munich citizens believe that on August 15th the summer is over. Of course there are many warm, nice days until mid october, but sometimes you can feel the autumn coming. In the morning there is fresh air and in the evening there can be fog.

Also important for tourists to know is that this day is an official holiday. There are no shops open. But there is something special… In bavaria this day is only an official holiday in towns and cities with a majority of catholic inhabitants (about 1.700 cities and towns). In Munich and the surrounding area it is a holiday :-).

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