Munich Greeter

Street Art: Das Drachenzählerlied (The song of the dragon counters)

DrachenzaehlerliedAt 49 places in Munich, e.g. at the Wasserwirtschaftsamt (Water Management Bureau) or behind the town hall at the Marienhof, small metal plates (10 x 30cm) can be found at the ground. What they have in common? All of them have verses of the Drachenzählerlied (The song of the dragon counters) engraved. And all of them are “besprech- und betanzbar” (recordable and danceable). 

This is better decsribed at the web page of the Drachenzähler“The art spheres are royalty-free places of activities to be used by everybody. This means that they can be used to dance or perform mimically without the need of  a permission. Just as well, installations up to a height of 3 meters can be put up without obtaining authorization from the building division of the municipal administration or the local building committee of the city of Munich.” (own translation)

If you are looking for places to put up installations, you can get an overview about the locations of the metal plates at the web page of the Drachenzähler. And if you do not have both the time and inclination to visit all of them, you can also read there the remaining verses of the Drachenzählerlied.

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