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Bathing lakes in Munich: Lake Riem (Buga-Lake)

You are looking for a lake for swimming and party fun? Go to Riemer lake (Lake Buga) in Messestadt in the east of Munich. The lake glistens as beautiful and turquoise as the Mediterranean Sea and thus offers real holiday feeling. During the day, children run around on the beach whereas in the evening, young people turn on their ghetto blaster and party. The water temperature is … refreshing.

Since 2005 you can find a beautiful lake in the East of Munich: On the occasion of the Federal Garden Show (Bundesgartenschau, short: Buga), an artificial lake was created, known as Bugasee or as Riemer lake today. The lake measures just under 8 acres of water surface – so it offers plenty of space for swimming – even if the beach is crowded, you have plenty of room in the water. For children, the eastern shore is best – it offers a beautiful sandy beach and the water drops slowly, so that even the little ones can splash well. The north shore is decorated with a small promenade. On the opposite southern bank is a grass lawn – the right shore for swimmers. After two or three meters offshore already, you cannot stand any longer. The lake is 14 meters deep by the way, in some places even up to 18 meters. Another special feature: The lake is crossed by fresh (and cold) groundwater. It heats up less than other lakes like the Feringasee p.ex. and thus doesn’t not spoil so easily.

The hotter the summer, the better the Buga Lake! However, it is not for wimps;)

How to get to Lake Riem (Buga-Lake):
The easiest way to get to the lake is by bike (that is true for almost any lake in Munich 😉 Unfortunately, the Riemer Lake is 12-15km away from the city center.
By public transport: go by underground to “Messesadt Ost” (metro U2) and then walk arouind 1km on foot: best thing is to take the Selma-Lagerlöffstraße along towards the park. In the park, you see the lake already from the distance.
By car: drive to Messestadt / Riem and look down the side streets of Willy Brandt Allee for parking. FRom there it is only about a 1km walk to the lake.


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