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How to acquire genuine art at reasonable prices

Graffiti SendlingWouldn´t it be great to have a genuine Picasso hanging in your sitting room? But very few people are able to spend several million euros just for the decoration of the home walls. And at some time in your life, you have outgrown the method of pinning a paper poster on your wall. Therefore, we want to present a few addresses where you can acquire art at reasonable prices.

Art hiring: The Culture Center in Milbertshofen
Hard to believe, but it does exist – a lending place for original contemporary art. Where? In Milbertshofen (a neighbourhood bordering Schwabing, connected to the subway and … anything else you know about this part of town?). Milbersthofen has a culture center in which since April, 2010 one can lend genuine pieces of art. Originally, the idea comes from the Netherlands and is a kind of echo of the 1968ies utopia of the democratisation of the arts. The principle is the same as in a public library, where you can lend books for a limited time. In the culture center, it´s not books, but pieces of art.
About 150 exhibits form the basis of the collection, among them paintings, drawings and photographs of well-known artists and newcomers. Opening hours are every Thursday from 4 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. All citizens of Munich who are in possession of a lending card are entitled to lending. For obtaining such a card, only a valid identity card is required.

Graffiti Sendling 2
Emerging artists from Great Britain: The Gallery “Home from home” in Haidhausen
Idea 1: Art should take place in the life of the people, on their walls and in their homes, not only in museums or as an investment. Idea 2: Emerging artists should become known. The combined result is a gallery called “Home from Home – English Contemporary”, located in Haidhausen (Breisacher Straße 18). With this gallery, British gallery owner Nerina Wilter has created a platform for English artists and people for whom art is part of our life. Accordingly the gallery offers genuine works of art for prices starting from 100 €.
Graffiti Sendling 7
Handicraft items for less than 20€: The unique specimen machine in the Central Station
Instead of drinks and sweets, at this vending machine you can buy small photographs, embroidered pockets, jewellery and other handicraft items by young designers and artists. As the name says, every piece is unique and if it is sold, you have to chose another specimen. The price range is between 5€ and 20€. The machine is located in the central station, right under the escalator leading upstairs to Burger King (beside the Ditsch bakery). It is also an excellent source for last minute presents.
Graffiti Sendling 4
Temporary exhibition of chance hits: The Graffiti Wall in Sendling
Start at the subway station “Poccistraße” (exit Ruppertstraße) and walk along Ruppertstraße. At the end, you end up at the brick walls of the old slaughterhouse. This is the practise area for sprayers. Rumour has it that even Loomit, star of the graffiti scene, once worked here. As spraying isn´t really illegal anymore, you can even watch the guys creating their pictures at day-time. Sometimes one finds only graffiti tags, but often there are splendid pictures which are worth to be photographed. Even if it´s just to remember – because there is a lot of activity and picture are often painted over after few days by another picture. Fix your photograph on a frame – ready is your personal piece of Street art. And maybe you photographed the work of a future sprayer-king.

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