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What is… Steckerlfisch (fish on a stick)?

What do you need for beergardening?… Sure…beer, pretzels and? …. now it’s up to your taste. Some would say Hendl (roasted chicken), spare ribs or roasted pork. But what every Munich citizen would call a beer garden classic is Steckerlfisch (fish on a stick).

But what is Steckerlfisch?
The name says it already. It is a fish skewered on a stick (Bavarian: Steckerl) and charcoal-grilled. Of course the fish is already disembowelled and seasoned ;-).

Steckerlfisch - Fish on a stick

Steckerlfisch at Streetlife Festival

Formerly (and until today in beer gardens near lakes and rivers) only regional available fish like vendace, trout or whitefish were used. Nowadays the mackerel (Latin: scomber scombrus) is used in beer gardens.
Unfortunately, Steckerlfish is not always available in beer gardens. You need some luck that the grill is lighted up. But if Steckerlfisch is available – try it! As a side dish the pretzel is traditionally eaten with Steckerlfisch.

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