Munich Greeter

A little bit of statistics

Munich-Greeter-05-erster-GrThe Greeter programmes are becoming more and more famous. Guess how many guests we have received in 2013? Right! Until the end of the year the number of Greets will double 🙂 For the curious, here are all the exact numbers!

Number of requests from January to June 2013: 92 (By comparison in 2012 total: 105)
That means we’ve almost doubled 🙂 Thanx for that!

Canceled greets
But still we cannot accompany every greet. Up to now, we had to cancel 18 greets (20 percent). In 2012, the rate was even worse with almost one third (29 percent).

6 Greets failed, because the guests had to change their plans or did not respond. That means 7 percent of all greets did not work out. In 2012, the rate was 12 percent.

New countries
The countries where a request comes from, have shifted in comparison to 2012: Less Germany / Europe, more from North America:

Germany 34% (2012 42% of total)

North America 27% (2012 total 19%)

Rest of Europe 15% (2012 20% of total)

Asia 15% (2012 11% of total)

Rest or k.A. 8% (2012 total 8%)

Overall, we have received inquiries from 26 different countries. That makes Greeting so very attrractive for us Greeters, since we learn so much fascinating things about different cultures from all over the world.

How have you heard about the Greters
Most inquiries come to us via different Web pages / Google (27%) and Wikitravel / Wikipedia (23%). The Global Greeter Network provides us with just 10 percent of the inquiries. Print media (14%) and radio / TV (8%) bring new guests whenever there was a piece in the paper or on the screen. 4% are coming via TripAdvisor, 5 % via friends.

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