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Are there no go areas in Munich?

Munich is very popular with tourists. All the more it is understandable that many of them ask questions like: Are there any no go areas or districts I should not go to as a tourist?
Especially during the soccer world championship in 2006 this issue spread in the entire USA in particular and is again an issue due to the media.

The term “no go area”
This term comes from the military vocabulary meaning a restricted, unsafe zone. In tourism language no go areas are zones which shouldn’t be visited by tourists because of a lack of knowledge about the location and the bad social situation or crime rate s there.

And in Munich?
Like every bigger city, Munich has some districts with more or less critical social issues. It would be an exaggeration to say that there are no go areas in Munich! As a tourist you can walk everywhere in the city without having to fear getting into trouble. Even in districts which are not considered the better ones you can walk around without any problems.

Subjective feeling
As mentioned before, as a tourist you can walk everywhere without having problems. But this depends on your personal definition of a “threatening” or “dangerous” place. If you feel uncomfortable passing by an angry looking bouncer in front of a table-dance-bar or seeing a beggar in the street, you will have another feeling about “secure places” as somebody who doesn’t care about that. As a tourist you should always feel comfortable. So if you are particularly sensitive about your surroundings, you shouldn’t go to places you feel uncomfortable. But you have to decide for yourself if you feel uncomfortable or not in a neighbourhood.

Basic precautions
Like in every bigger city in the world you can become a victim of theft and loose your travel money. Places where masses of people or tourists are may also attract pickpockets. So you should take some basic precautions and not leave your backpack, handbags, camera, mobile phone, wallet, etc. open and unattended. Especially where many people are or at festivals like Oktoberfest or the Christmas markets you should pay more attention to your belongings.

A propos Oktoberfest… you should be aware that you will encounter drunk people there. They can sometimes be aggressive… So don’t argue with them, just go your way. The same applies to party-areas in Munich like the “Kultfabrik” with more than 20 clubs and discos on one big site near Ostbahnhof (eastern station).

In short

In Munich there are no “no go areas”! As a tourist take the basic precautions like everywhere, especially where masses of people meet such as tourist places or festivals (Oktoberfest, Christmasmarket).

If you encounter problems
In the inner city of Munich there are rather many police patrols you can ask for help. If there is none around you can go to a police station or to a subway or commuter train station. On the platforms there are emergency booths where you can contact emergency services. If you have a mobile phone you can dial number “110” for the police.

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  1. i do not consider that tourist have any problem to move there i have also a nice experience when i was there on holidays.