Munich Greeter

Michael Jackson in Munich


What kind of connection exists between Michael Jackson and Munich? Well, to be true not a very close one apart from the fact that he has given some concerts in this city. But that doesn’t matter. People here like him anyway. They like him so much that they’ve even set him a monument. Although it’s not really his own.

Instead of this, the decided to misuse the statue of Orlande de Lassus (1532-94), one of the most famous composers of the late Renaissance. Well, at least he’s also related to music. And that’s how his memorial at the Promenadeplatz in Munich came to house photos, flowers and candles to remember the “King of Pop”. And this in ever changing variations.


Of course, this is only provisional until Micheal Jackson gets his own monument. If you want to contribute to the process you can sign the petition initiated by the association “MJJ Memorial Munich ~ Heal the Children e.V.”. And until then leave your final greetings with Orlande de Lassus in front of the Hotel Bayerischer Hof.

By the way: Despite certain rumours, it was not in the Bayerischer Hof where Michael Jackson held his son from the balcony – that episode took place in Berlin. Even though it would have been a much more interesting story rather than knowing that he simply slept here during his stop-overs in Munich.

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