Munich Greeter

Discovering Munich on two wheels – where to rent a bike

FahrradActually, Munich is an accumulation of incorporated villages around the historic city center. Which you can discover easily by foot. But a walk to the Northern part of Schwabing on a hot summer´s day? Or a tour through the former blue collar neighborhood Giesing? Only thinking about it makes me sweat. But there is an alternative to discovering the town by foot – just rent a bike. Below you find the addresses of some rental shops.

There are approximately 1,200 kilometers of bicycle paths in Munich. Orientation is given by white signposts with green writing, which well bicycle-suited distances by the city. So either you just drive around and get to know the city in a haphazard way or you chose one of the bike tours from the city´s official website All routes start from Marienplatz and end in different quarters at the edge of the city. After you have decided on your bike tour, the only thing left is to rent a bicycle.

1. The central-international bike shop: Mike´s Bike route & Rentals
This rental business is right behind the Hofbräuhaus, Bräuhausstraße 10. Here you can rent comfortable “Cruiser”bikes as well as classic city bikes, complete with basket, city plan and lock for 15 € per day or 5 € + 2 € per hour or for 70 € per week. Also available are bikes with child seat (6 € per day) and childrens´bicycles in all sizes of, helmet included (12 € per day). The founder is an American and developed his business based on his own experience as a newcomer in Munich. The website mikesbiketours and the shop personnel are multilingual which simplifies the rental substantially. Additionally, you can book guided bike tours through Munich and car trips to touristic „musts “ like Neuschwanstein or Linderhof castle.

2. Delivery service: The Bikebringer
This rental business offers to bring and fetch bikes of all sorts and accessories to your hotel. Just call or send an email to them and the chosen bicycle will be delivered, in south of Munich even free of charge. You can contact the mobile service every day (!) between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. They offer the whole range: trekking bikes, city bikes, childrens´ bikes and E-Bikes. The rental price ranges from 12 € to 25 € per day. Alternatively, you can fetch your bike personally at the shop “Stadtbike” , located in Schachnerstraße 4 (subway U3, station Thalkirchen Tierpark). For details, please read the website.

3. One at each intersection: Call a Bike
This is the rental business of the German Railways company (Call a bike). The red-white city bikes are found at many large intersections and various central places like the main station. The rental is all on-line. After the online registration everything is done by mobile phone. Just chose one of the parked bicycles all over town, call the telephone number on the belt buckle cover of the bicycle and confirm your rental. Open the cover, tap on the display and follow the instructions. The lock then unlocks itself and you are ready to roll.
You have the choice between two price models: The basic rate is a minute price of 8 cent and at a maximum of 15 € per day. Multiple users can chose a flat rate. Here you pay a favorable annual fee and during each rental the minute rate after the 31st minute.


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