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A different way of shopping – courtyard sales in Munich

From April to September, in nearly all Munich neighborhoods courtyard sales take place. The season starts in Haidhausen, followed by the Glockenbachviertel and Schwabing. After that, it’s all the way around the city until the season ends with the sale in Sendling on September 14th, 2013. You can find the dates at Hofflohmärkte.

Hofflohmarkt1When the courtyard sale is due, the participating house communities open their backyards and present kitsch and clutter, curios and small treasures to passing visitors. At some places, not only flea market goods, but also snacks are offered. The participating houses are marked by bunches of colorful balloons swaying in the wind.

Moreover, the sales allow a glimpse (or several) into the courtyards of many houses, normally hidden behind doors. Some of them come as a surprise – real city gardens, complete with sculptures and benches for sunbathing. So if you want to see a neighborhood from the inside, you should not miss these events.

The first courtyard sale was organized ten years ago in Schwabing. In the beginning, residents had some reservations – not everyone was willing to show their neighbors all the old things stored in the basement. Over the years, however, readiness to participate grew. Gradually, other neighborhoods copied the idea. Meanwhile, the sales are an integral part of the Munich event calendar.

Hofflohmarkt4Hofflohmarkt6There’s everything possible and impossible offered for sale. For example, this year in Maxvorstadt, I found a vacuum cleaner from the 1920s (complete with storage box). Being already equipped with a vacuum cleaner, I bought a beautiful old hatbox instead. But of course, pieces of furniture, clothes, jewelry and books are available, too.

Prices range from bargain to moderate, and if you like, try to bargain. It´s part of the fun. In any case, everything comes directly from the last user – there are no commercial flea market dealers. Enjoy “poking around”!

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